Why do I have to pay for my bridal trial?

this question is asked more often than you think!! i look at it all this way; you spend $ on every vendor that creates your wedding like the venue D.J. florist photographer cake etc. but what's the one thing that you're most excited about or the ONE dream that you have and always had since even before getting engaged? HOW YOU WILL LOOK!! I see it this way, most women pay $100-$200 every 6-8 weeks for hair coloring and cutting so why would this $65-$100 fee be any less of importance? THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ( besides putting on your dress 100 times) that you will actually get a glimpse of almost exactly how you will look and feel on your mostimportant day? Also, trials usually take twice the amount of time that the actual day of will take and the stylists/makeup artists are doing double the work to make sure every single need is met, concerns are addressed and to most of the time go over SEVERAL different styles/looks until you achieve your desired look.  Isn't it worth it? 

Traci Kleinaitis